MakeMusic Finale 2014: Plug-Ins Measure Create Coda System

En este video contestamos una pregunta de nuestro amigo Eric para solucionar el problema del espacio cuando creamos un sistema de CODA en nuestra partitura en Finale 2014. Este sistema de CODA lo hacemos a través del plug-ins que se llama: Create Coda System… Vamos…


Avid Pro Tools 11: Cómo Alinear Pistas de Audio Al Click

En este video les explico cómo podemos alinear todos los tracks de su sesión a el click track en el modo de barras (compases) utilizando Avid Pro Tools 11. Vamos a aprender juntos cómo utilizar varias herramientas dentro del Pro Tools 11 como el Tab To Transients y otras.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Many events took place over the weekend to celebrate my 40th Birthday! Yeah, finally made it to the other side. All of the “viejito” jokes are accepted now…

I just wanted to say:

Thank You!!!

…to all who sent birthday wishes, text messages, tweets, Facebook posts and made their phone calls. To those of you who forgot: REALLY? Oh well, next time!

To my special and cute loving girlfriend Luana and her accomplices: love you and thank you for planning a surprise party and creating an amazing night of new stories to tell… Continue reading

Canoe & Salt Water

Went out today before summer is over! Having no sun block wasn’t very smart… Encounter with a shark… Wait what is that in the water… I say it’s a shark. Jorgito, my cousin, says it’s not. But, we stop rowing. There’s no way we are going to go and find out. What do we do? Stay there for about 5 minutes looking at this fin in the water. Gets closer and closer… All of a sudden, comes up and breathe! First encounter with a dolphin up close and personal. Nice!

2 stingrays sighting as well…

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