Canoe & Salt Water

Went out today before summer is over! Having no sun block wasn’t very smart… Encounter with a shark… Wait what is that in the water… I say it’s a shark. Jorgito, my cousin, says it’s not. But, we stop rowing. There’s no way we are going to go and find out. What do we do? Stay there for about 5 minutes looking at this fin in the water. Gets closer and closer… All of a sudden, comes up and breathe! First encounter with a dolphin up close and personal. Nice!

2 stingrays sighting as well…

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Slashes, Notes and Layers in Finale 2014 Video Tutorial

Recorded this quick Finale 2014 video tutorial to help and answer a question of how can cue notes be written when the slash notation is selected in Finale 2014. Hope this works for you and you keep learning from the video tutorials. I learn lots by making them as well… Enjoy!


Cómo Cambiar el Icono de la Aplicación Pro Tools 11

Cuando Avid lanzo el Pro Tools 11 al mercado, lo hicieron con dos versiones del programa: Pro Tools 10 (32bit) y Pro Tools 11 (64bit). Algunos han instalado ambas versiones y en realidad el icono del programa no nos deja saber cual de las dos aplicaciones estamos lanzando. Por esto, existe un icono de 64bit que podemos cambiar para que nuestro Pro Tools 11 se vea diferente a la hora de buscarlo en nuestras aplicaciones.

En este video tutorial te demuestro como cambiar el icono…

Este es el enlace para que puedas descargar el icono de 64bit.